Play Party Rules

 Play Space Rules



  1. Do not take actions that put RKS, its space, its membership, or its reputation at risk.
  2. RKS provides basic first-aid supplies in cases of necessity.  Please let a DM know if these become necessary.
  3. If you are engaging in play that will require medical supplies, it is your responsibility to provide those supplies.
  4. RKS parties are drug and alcohol free. Any attendee who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave.
  5. In the event of an emergency, please let the DM, Staff Member, and Board Member on duty handle any 911 calls. We have the address and can make sure the emergency personnel known where to go and how to get to us.

Dungeon Monitors

  1. Please make sure you know who your Dungeon Monitors (DMs) are before beginning any play in case you need to find someone in authority in a hurry. The Dungeon Monitors wear a red sash at parties while on duty.
  2. RKS DMs will respond to safewords.  If a bottom uses "Red" or "Safeword" in a scene, the top must immediately halt their activity.  If safewords are not immediately responded to, a DM will intervene in your scene.
  3. In any scene where a player will be gagged or otherwise unable to vocalize a safeword, the players must use an alternative safe signal. The default non-verbal safeword at RKS is using a hand to make the peace symbol(a V using first two fingers). If a gagged bottom will have their hands bound/mitted in such a way as to not be visible, provide the DM on duty with an alternative. The DM's will share this information with the other DM on duty and at shift change so your scene isn't interrupted.
  4. DMs are empowered to enforce the rules established for RKS parties during the event. Attendees who refuse to obey the rules will be asked to leave. The judgment of the DM in such a case is final, but can be taken up with a board member after that DM’s shift is over.
  5. DM's are also empowered to intervene in any scene they recognize to be life-threatening or hazardous to the welfare of RKS based on their own expertise. This should rarely happen.
  6. Please be aware of the noise levels of your scene. If a scene draws multiple complaints the DM or Board member on duty may intervene to request the use of a gag.
  7. DMs are empowered to stop any scene that they deem to be unsafe or that is not abiding by the rules. If you intend to engage play which might appear unsafe or nonconsensual, please inform the DMs on duty ahead of time. Your scene is less likely to be interrupted if you inform a DM ahead of time when engaging in edgeplay, such as:
  • knife play or piercing
  • needle play and other bloodletting scenes
  • fire play
  • consensual non-consent
  • The DM on duty will also sign borrowed equipment in and out. So if you'd like to use RKS's violet wand, webbing, or mobile suspension rings please talk to one of the DM's.


  1. Oral to genital, oral to anal, genital to anal, and genital to genital contact is not permitted at RKS. Penetration of any kind is allowed with toys only (oral, genital or anal) during scheduled, members-only events, with the understanding that members will obtain consent before using RKS Policies and Procedures – Version 7.9 – February 2015 penetrative toys in-scene, and are cognizant of any additional clean-up that may be required after the fact. Penetration with toys will also be allowed during member's use of private dungeon time. You must provide and use plastic drop cloths during any scene where penetration occurs, and clean your play area immediately upon vacating the station. There is no photography allowed during Penetration-positive events. Penetration of any kind by any body part is not allowed at RKS.
  2. Scat and watersports are not permitted at RKS parties.
  3. Any bodily fluids must be cleaned up promptly and thoroughly once your scene is complete.  If you expect any bodily fluids to be spilled during your scene, you must cover equipment with a drop-cloth and/or absorbent pad. It is your own responsibility to provide pads and drop-cloths for your own scenes.
  4. Engaging in impact play over fresh blood is not permitted, as to avoid airborne blood droplets.
  5. Equipment must be wiped down with antibacterial wipes promptly and thoroughly once your scene is complete.
  6. Nude individuals must use a personal towel or blanket when sitting on couches, chairs, or other non-play furniture both in the dungeon and in the social areas. Leather doesn't need a towel or blanket, but must be wiped with disinfectants immediately once done.


  1. Do not interrupt scenes in progress or attempt to address people who appear to be playing or engaging in aftercare.
  2. Harassing behavior is not permitted at RKS events. If a person is engaging in harassing behavior intentionally, please report their behavior to an RKS official. HARASSING BEHAVIOR may include but is not limited to:
  • NONCONSENSUAL TOUCHING.  This includes touching others possessions or toys.
  • PUPPY-DOGGING or OTHER PREDATORY BEHAVIOR. Following a person(s) around, pressing for scenes despite receiving multiple “No”(both soft and hard No's) answers are some examples.
  • INTENTIONALLY DISRESPECTING PROTOCOL.If you are engaging in high protocol, it is your responsibility to inform others if they are infringing.
  • INTENTIONALLY MISGENDERING PEOPLE. If you have a preferred pronoun, it is your responsibility to inform others if they are using the incorrect pronouns.
  1. Play furniture is available on a "first-come, first served" basis. Do not monopolize play furniture. DMs are entitled to impose time limits if this becomes necessary.
  2. During normal play parties, dungeon space is relegated to play, negotiation, aftercare, and small scale demonstrations, space permitting. Large group conversations should be relocated to the social area so as not to interrupt others in the dungeon.
  3. When observing scenes, the impetus is on the observer to remove themselves from the situation if a scene makes them uncomfortable.
  4. Fetish Wear is not required. Please make sure you are dressed discreetly when you enter and leave the building. You are required to have your chest and genitals covered if leaving the dungeon. This includes heading towards the bathroom.


  1. Recording devices are not generally permitted at RKS events except those parties designated as "photo-friendly" events. At photo-friendly parties, attendees making recordings must acquire permission from all subjects in advance. Recording should not interfere with others’ use of the dungeon.  Use of recording devices may be allowable at non-photo-friendly parties, photographers must gain permission from all DMs on duty and the board member on duty.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the RKS space. Smoking is allowed outside. You may sign out a smokers key at the front desk.
  3. The doors to the outside are alarmed on a timer. If you are entering/leaving as a group, or if you have a lot of gear, please be sure the door is closed for at least 1 second every 15 seconds. Please be sure the door closes behind the last person as well.
  4. Bound players must not be left alone. Spotters are required for self-suspensions.
  5. Only toys appropriately sized for the play space should be used.
  6. When engaging in fire play, keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep it away from ignition sources and ensure there is a clear line(e.g, not placed with flammables between you and it) to the fire extinguisher. You may use any free standing extinguisher not currently in a scene.
  7. There will be fire extinguishers mounted in every room. These are not to be removed except in the case of an emergency or by a board members approval.