Before you can become a member, you'll first need to attend a munch or social and attend a party as a guest at least once. You may then apply for membership.

Why join RKS?

The Rochester Kink Society is the largest pansexual social and educational group for alternative lifestyles in the Rochester area. RKS offers offers multiple monthly parties, a munch and a social, regularly scheduled workshops and more each and every month. In addition to the myriad of social and educational opportunities membership provides, it also ensures that Rochester will continue to have a lifestyle group to educate and welcome those new to the lifestyle.

RKS members can enjoy the sensuous atmosphere and spectacular equipment of a dungeon in a setting that is close to home. While other groups in the western New York area have dungeons available for play, none compare in square footage or convenience of location. You'd have to go to New York City or Washington DC to find an equivalent dungeon.

If you're from Rochester, having a world class dungeon right here means that you can enjoy an evening of play without the time or expense of driving to Buffalo, Syracuse or Niagara. You have the convenience of going home to your own bed after a night of intense play without a long drive or spending the night in a hotel.

RKS is constantly expanding and improving. If you haven't seen the dungeon space recently, you'll be amazed at the improvements! You may also be surprised to see so many new faces eager to join in the fun and community that RKS offers. Discover the experience and breadth of knowledge available from the existing RKS community.

Membership Features

The following benefits are available with a Standard membership. Other memberships are available, see our rate sheet for a comparison.

  • A very reasonable membership fee- just $55 for 3 months.
  • Entrance to Saturday parties (2 each month) in our spacious 4,775 square foot facility
  • Use of all bondage and play equipment as well as access to the social lounge, snacks and beverages.
  • Access to our library of books and videos– including both reference and entertainment sections.
  • Discounted rates for regularly scheduled hands-on workshops covering topics such as rope bondage, flogging, single tailing, fire play, fisting, electrical play, and more.
  • Privilege to invite guests to RKS play parties after your 6-month probationary period.
  • Access to our private, members-only forums
  • Ability to rent the RKS dungeon for private play or parties.
  • Opportunity to meet and socialize with like-minded individuals and to make new friends
  • Discounted guest fees and discounts at participating BDSM groups and vendors

How to Join

Membership is open to those 18 and over.

The first step is to meet us by coming to a munch (luncheon) or social.

Once we get to know you and learn about your interests, you will be invited to attend a party as a guest. You'll have to fill out a guest form the first time you attend, and then you'll be given a tour of the space.

To finally join, you'll need to find a sponsor. Your sponsor's responsibility is to mentor you, introduce you to the subtleties of dungeon etiquette, and introduce you to other members of the group during your initial months. Assuming the position

Trial Membership

When you first join, you'll complete the necessary paperwork, including an Assumption of Risk. You'll be given a copy of the RKS rules and a tour of the space. Your tour guide can answer any additional questions you have.

Your first three months in the group, you'll be a trial member; the second 3 months, you'll be a probationary member. During these periods, there will be a few restrictions:
When inviting guests, you must obtain board approval.
You may not sponsor new members into the group.

During the trial period, you must attend at least two RKS events so we can see how you work with the group. At the end of trial membership, the board will review your application and, if all is well, you will become a probationary member. After completing the 3-month probationary period, you will obtain full membership, including inviting and sponsoring privileges.

For present membership costs and features, please see the our rate sheet.