Attending a Munch or Social

Those new to our community will meet us by attending a munch or social. You do not need to attend both but may do so if you wish.

The munch and social allow our members to stay in touch with each other. They also allow those interested in joining to learn about the group and introduce themselves before attending a party. This lets you make sure RKS is what you're looking for, and lets us protect our members' confidentiality and our society's integrity. Attend as frequently as you like; these are our "public" events and we're happy to have others interested in the scene to talk to.

RKS also offers a TNG munch, which is just like the regular munch but open to ages 18-35 only. This is intended to give the younger crowd an opportunity to meet and discuss issues related to their experience without the interference of older individuals.

All munches and socials are free to attend, other than paying for your own food, drink and service. Munches are held at a restaurant whereas socials are held at a bar. Although RKS has a no-alcohol policy at parties there is no such restriction for the munch or social. At our present social location, the California Brew Haus, ages 18–20 are welcome to attend although they are unable to purchase alcohol.

Once you arrive, we're often easily identified as the large talkative group. Often, some members will have hats, shirts, or name tags with the BDSM logo. If you're not sure it's us, you can ask if you've found "the munch" - outsiders won't know this special word. (We'll recognize this at the social, too.)

The munch and social are essentially the same: a luncheon where we share conversation over food. Discussion typically centers on topics relating to the lifestyle, but also flows through current events, technological discussions, and a variety of other topics. There are usually enough people attending that there are several separate conversations going on concurrently.

As a new person interested in our group, we'll be interested in you. You'll be given a handout with more information about RKS and the next steps involved in joining. You will, at some point, be asked how you found us and what is your interest in our group and the lifestyle. There are no right or wrong answers; we just want to know more about you. When you're ready to take your involvement in RKS to the next level be sure to talk to a board member about coming to a party.

Despite the similarity of the two events, within RKS munch refers to the event on the afternoon of the third Sunday of each month, whereas social refers to the event on the first Thursday evening. Note that dates, times, and location may vary due to holidays or conflicts, so be sure to check the calendar for exact time and location.

Social: California Brew Haus

Eighteen and up are welcome, but you must be 21 or older to order alcohol. The Haus offers over a dozen draft beers and a range of other alcohol, and typical bar food: burgers, wings, fries and onion rings. We meet in the performance area, which we have to ourselves for the earlier part of the evening.
Location: 402 West Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14615.
Driving directions: Take NY Rt. 104 (Ridge Road) to Dewey Avenue/NY Rt. 18. The Brew Haus is just east of the intersection, on the north side of Ridge Road.

Munches: Jay's Diner

Jay's Diner serves the typical range of 50's-style diner food, including breakfast all day, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and some more substantial dinners. They do not serve alcohol. Most meals will run $10–15 with a drink, except for dinners which are $15–20. There is a 10% student discount with college ID.

Location: 2612 West Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623. RKS meets in the separate glassed-in section to the left as you enter the restaurant. Unless the restaurant is unusually busy, we have this section to ourselves.
Driving directions: Take I-390 to exit 16 (Mt. Hope/West Henrietta/East River Road). Go south on West Henrietta for 0.9 miles. Jay's Diner will be on the left, across from Movies 10.